Hire a Robot for a Monthly Wage and Put it to Work 24/7

Features & Benefits

Save Your CapEx

Spend OpEx on automation so you can invest your CapEx in more production.

Cheaper By The Hour

You pay a fixed fee per month no matter how many hours your robot works.

No Maintenance Budgets

No hidden fees. Wear-and-tear is already covered.

Maximize Your Uptime

Get alerts when the job is done or a machine goes down.

24/7 Support

Reach out any time for help with training your Forge Station.

Expand Your Capabilities

Add the right tool for the job for a low monthly fee.

Maximize Uptime

Hire a robot and fill gaps in your workforce for a low monthly fee. Get up and running in hours vs. days or weeks associated with large costly customized automation systems. With the easily to program and task flexible Forge/Station you can produce around the clock while reducing your hourly operating costs. All hardware maintenance costs covered by us. Real time monitoring to maximize uptime. Order today and have it in your facility in 30 days or less.

Automation Tools


Powered by Forge/OS Teachmate gives operators total hand guided path control.

  • Delivers end of arm programming using Rapid Teach on collaborative robots
  • Bright Status indicators inform operators of program stages when activated.
  • Effortlessly Swap grippers and other end of arm tools in minutes

READY TeachMate connects easily to leading brands like Piab, Robotiq, and Schunk.
Inquire today about getting your brand integrated with Forge.

Combine Forge/Station, Forge/OS, ANY TOOL, ANY PERIPHERAL and be ready for any task in 10x the time of traditional automation.