Resurrect Your Robot!

Reviving an inactive robot is the fastest, most affordable path to automation. And, it’s far easier than you think. Resurrect your robot today with a touchscreen teach pendant running Forge/OS. Have your robot up and running in hours, and achieve ROI in weeks.

Don't Let Good Robots Sit Idle

Many robots fall into disuse because the task or part changes and no one knows how to reprogram the robot. Programming a robot in its native language is too hard so requires extensive training.

Since robots are dependable devices with a useful life rating in the tens of thousands of hours, it’s likely that your idle robots have many productive years left in them.

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Your Old Robot is a Golden Ticket to Automation

Integration costs often comprise two thirds of the total cost of an automation project. When you remove the cost of the robot by re-activating a robot that has been collecting dust, and when you remove the integrator from the equation by enabling programming with your existing team, the cost of automation plummets.

Additionally, when the automation can be maintained and updated with internal resources, the cost savings extend through the lifetime of the workcell.

ROI in 1 month might not be standard, but READY customers have achieved exactly that. Due to low up-front costs, resurrecting a robot generates ROI at a much faster rate than typical automation projects. How quickly will you achieve a return on your investment when resurrecting a robot with Forge/OS?

Don't know how to program robots? No problem.

Remove the programming barrier that keeps many robots sidelined, with Task Canvas' industry-leading, visual, cross-brand, robot programming interface. Automation tasks that would have been cost-prohibitive due to third-party integration costs are now possible when the only investment required is a Forge/Ctrl running Forge/OS.


Program Any Old Robot

From FANUCs to URs, it’s easy to make dusty robots productive again. Task Canvas, the intuitive, cross-platform, touchscreen programming application, makes programming any robot easy for anyone on the factory floor.

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Alicat Scientific Automates in 3 Days with Forge/OS

Alicat Scientific programmed and deployed their READY automation solution entirely on their own. Within 8 hours they were comfortable programming automation with Task Canvas. Within three days they had their lathe fully automated. After 10 days they were running lights out. Within 30 days their READY automated solution had already paid for itself.

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Resurrecting unused robots is the reason READY began!

In 2015 a steel plant in Maryland purchased 5 used robots only to discover that they couldn't program the robots, and having them programmed was far more expensive than anticipated. After having two of the robots programmed by an integrator, the remaining 3 sat idle for over a year due to high programming cost. Enter READY Robotics!