We’re a team of seasoned industry experts with a new and proven approach to automation that can save you $1000s in the first 2 weeks.

At READY we offer solutions that level the automation playing field for any manufacturer, no matter the size. Efficient Solutions that are more flexible while costing less and produce ROI almost instantly.

Benefits include:

Eliminate brand dependency and hardware switching costs.

Enables competitive cost sourcing of capital equipment.

Reduce production downtime. Forge/OS deployments are 10X faster recouping investment costs on average.

Reduce employee training costs by $10,000 compared to traditional automation software.

Save tens of $1000s in employee training within the first week of use.

Reduces production downtime by 75% compared to traditional methods.

Increasing production throughput by 25% by quickly clearing errors and no debug time.

The Most Flexible Robotic Automation Solutions Available Today.